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Quarterly update :)

Two months later, a few changes, new challengers, new accomplishments.

After the Beast I have been less focused on running and more on building strength. I certainly have a weakness to address. Not just upper body, but legs as well. I think I have strong legs, but with spasticity, I feel like I have to work them harder nonetheless. Weight carrying uses different muscles than running or soccer...

Also completed two additional obstacle races and a ruck march. I inspired a few people at work and we put in a ten person team to the Rugged Maniac and it was a blast. So happy I could bring people into my world! Here is a link to the video:

It was fun to enjoy the race, my teammates smiles, and not have to push it too hard, glad I have coworkers that are up to the challenge.

My best buddy at work also joined me in another race a few weeks later, we did this to push it harder and see what we were made of. It also went well, better even because my wife and son were there and we got a lot of gre…

Race Day - Spartan Beast 2013 Killington

spartan beast, killington, vt - 2013
getting here I started training for this after the MS Muck Ruckus event in April 2013. That was my first obstacle course, 5 miles, 12 obstacles if I remember correctly. I was bitten by the bug, I love running, but this took it to a whole new level for me. It required athletic ability, balance, strength, endurance - everything I want to improve within myself. I'm fortunate to have a deep, real motivation  to push myself and challenge myself. motivation When I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) 7 years ago I had two conflicting emotions within myself. On one hand, cold fear for the potential course the disease could take by destroying my ability to move. But also a glowing ember of motivation to build myself up higher and higher so no matter what the disease took from me - I would always have more than it eroded. Over the past two years the ember turned to a flame. My motivation has been on a high, building up through 5k's to half ma…

One month until the Spartan Beast

I'm starting to get a little nervous, haven't felt this in any of my other races because I knew that I was prepared. I am hoping that I'm perfectly prepared, but I wish I was stronger, could run uphill better and all that! I'm nervous I'll fail some obstacles and just get wiped out doing 30 burpees each time. Especially if they enforce the hardest form of burpee...

My training is going pretty well, I am definitely stronger and if I can lose 5 more pounds before race day I will be in really good shape. Two vacations in the last month have slowed down my progress a little bit. And today I have a corporate league softball semi-final game so I won't be able to get in my planned double session.

Both of the session look extremely challenging. 60 minute trail run with 10/15/25/30/35 reps of curls/shoulder press/squat with a rock from the woods. Followed by what looks like an intense lower bod workout with dumbbells/squats and box jumps.

It's going to be hard, espe…

Strength training added to running

The theme for the past few weeks has been adding strength training days and even strength training intervals to my runs. The goal remains the same - Killington Spartan Beast. Every bit of preparation will help in that gauntlet.

I've moved to 90% or more of trail running and what a change it has been! Trail running frees my soul from cars as well! Wow, who would have thought it would be so amazing to get off the roads, but it has been. I've also noted that trail running is a bit harder, and some trails are actually MUCH harder.

My nearest loop is the local cross country course here, it is about 2.5 miles, can be run as a 3 mile loop or out and back for 5 miles. Here is an example:

That one is fairly flat and mainly fire roads, some gravel and old roads too. A couple hills in one section, but nothing major. That leads me to a run I consider perhaps my hardest ever - in a different way than the half-marathon was. This was just brutal, add in bugs and the threat of getting lost ou…

Spartan Beast 2013 Killington

Sometimes a lot happens between posts. This is one of those times. Here are the highlights:
new MS medicine starting soon - Tecfidera, no more shots!new goal race for the year!new training program and app!FUN new gadgets, shoes, and stuff!! Clearly the most important thing for this blog is my new prescription for Tecfidera - which is one of the new breed of MS drugs which are taken orally and no longer require injections. I've been suffering from shot fatigue for more than year - really ever since stopping Rebif. I was on Avonex for a year, which was a nice change from 3 times/week to once per week injection. However, I had a hard time sticking with it. Which is odd because IM (intra-muscular) shots really hurt a lot less than SC (sub-cutaneous) shots overall. But I couldn't get past the side effects, fever and stiffness. When Tecfidera came out I knew I would switch some day. My neighbor was a marketing director for the drug and had been filling me in on it for years. Efficacy…

May... and running outside again

I can finally say that it feels normal to be running outside again. Seems like the days of starting at stupid numbers on a treadmill are far behind me, and it is a good feeling. Mixing it up more with trail, road and track this year already - it is such a good feeling.

Still not feeling comfortable in any shoes - I guess that is not surprising. Even when I am running I am not comfortable in any shoes. In fact, my feet feel the worst lying in bed. So, it is just the MS, kinda doesn't matter about the shoes. But that won't stop me from finding the most comfortable shoe for me...

After talking to a friend and runner I am seriously considering the Hoka One One's. They are kinda crazy out there as far as shoes are concerned...

Massive cushioning and unapologetic about it. This may be better for me than my not quite successful attempts to minimalize. My greatest success was in my Brooks Adrenalines last year, so either I was not able to, or just couldn't fully convert to min…

Muck Ruckus for MS 2013 Boston

First race of the season was so much fun.

Raised nearly $2100 for MS. A cause obviously near to my heart. Thanks to my wife, family, friends for the support and making it a blast! Can't wait until next year.

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Quarterly update!

Yeah it has been a while. I suppose that is a good thing, I tend to think about my blog when things are not going well. Recently as far as running and working out - they have been.

I've been going at a steady clip of 3 runs 2-3 lifting sessions per week for a good 6 weeks now. I feel great except a little sore hip flexors today. I will have to work that out on a foam roller and stretch a bunch.

Some news on the gadget front - I have been playing Zombies, Run! on my iphone while running recently. Though I am starved for some nice weather - I have managed to get in quite a few outdoor runs. Listening to the story unfold is pretty fun and engrossing. I feel like I am really part of the game. It has cool statistics and you gather items you can user later to build your base. Perfect for a gamer/runner like me! Looking forward to Zombies, Run! 2 which is due out this month.

Averaging about 12 miles per week which is nice - but not comfortable in any of my running shoes at the moment. I&…

slowly picking up the pace

I have been back at running for about two weeks now. I am starting slowly, today, I clocked in at 4.01 miles, my longest run since December.

But there is a lot to catch up on, so here goes.

The orthopedic surgeon said that I have some osteo-arthritis in my knees. But didn't think that was the root cause of my knee pain, there is no reason to believe it hasn't been there for a while. They normally form after minor injury recoveries, which is reasonable from a lifetime of soccer with no major knee injuries. He also noted my right patela is out of alignment. Now, there we go, that makes sense. I've always noticed my right arm tends to go out of the path. Not to mention I have felt out of alignment since going to see the chiropractor. Well, great, but how to solve it. I am taking a dual approach. Seeing a Physical Therapist twice a week, for strengthening my balance, some taping and stretching, as well as ultra-sound on my knees. Also I have a running coach at my gym now, he i…