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injection site reaction

I noticed this morning that on my left thigh I have a small red rash, about the size of two quarters, and below that, some bruising. First I've noticed any injection site reaction.

I've been lethargic in the evenings lately, my back get's progressively sore and tired over the day. My neck get's stiffer and my legs tighten up. I've been battling a cold over the weekend, and to top it all off I actually got a sunburn from being out at the apple orchard all day Sunday.

I'm not looking forward to my injection tonite, since increasing the dosage it's been more painful, and, frankly, I'm just not into the whole stabbing yourself with a needle. Nor am I all that excited by the fact that I'll be doing this for the forseeable future.

I'm sure I'll find a good spot on the left side of my abdomen and hopefully it will be similar to the first couple weeks. I've cancelled a business trip for this week due to feeling under the weather, and the anxie…

injection day 8

This was the last available spot left for an injection. Back to the abdomen Friday. That was the easiest place after all.

This was a much easier injection than the other leg, I reduced the depth of the injection from step 3 to step 2 and it was much better. It still was a sharp pain, more noticeable than previous injections, but nowhere near as painful as before.

Here's hoping my legs aren't as stiff for my game tomorrow night and PT on Friday is really helpful.

injection 7, symptoms

This was the first time my injection really hurt - and I mean it hurt like someone was seriously putting a big fat needle into my leg. Ouch!!

I rubbed it extra long, this is a double size dosage compared to the first two weeks, and still half of what it will be long term. I hope it's not a sign of things to come...

I'm guessing that I hit a muscle, instead of just under the skin. I'll call my Rebif Nurse tomorrow morning - I tried tonite but they are only open 8-8, a good reason to do my injection before 8 maybe.

I wanted to take a chance to note one thing that has happened twice lately. My left middle finger has gone numb, novacaine-like numb. Once while sitting holding three kids while reading a book at the neighbors, and again while just watching TV. I"ll just have to keep an eye on it. The second is that for the past 4 days or so, I've been getting the chills all the time. For what seems like no apparent reason. People get the chills sometimes, but usual…

legs are stiff

The biggest issue I have at the moment is the continued tightness, or spasticity, in my quads. There's one particular muscle in the middle of my quad, seems like it's in between the two big muscles, that is tight. I can't seem to stretch it well enough and it's been affecting my lower back and stomach since I think they are just out of whack due to the tightness.

Tomorrow I'll be moving from 8mcg/2ml up to 22mcg/5ml, or from around 20% to 50% of a normal injection of Rebif. I've had no injection site reactions and have only had short, mild fevers after the injection of about 99.5.

Starting PT on Friday, which I'm very much looking forward to.

needles are becoming routine

There was a nice little spot of blood on the end of the needle after my injection today. Since it was mine, it should have been a big deal! Unfortunately, it wasn't. My stomach didn't even quease...

After 5 injections I am still doing pretty good. No injection reactions, just a slight fever that fades quickly after about 30 minutes.

Got a call from PT in Franklin that they have an opening next week, but I'm supposed to go to Philly for a few days. Since I will also be increasing dosage by about triple I may have to reschedule. I talked to my boss today and let him know about my concerns with flying next week, maybe a few weeks out would be better. I'll be in touch with my Rebif Nurse to see if she has any opnions.

injection day 4

No problems with the syringe or anything this time. I did the injection myself to a pretty tough (to reach) area, looks like no injection site reactions again. So far so good as far as those are concerned.

Once again I do feel a bit hot 15 minutes or so after the injection. I probably have another low grade fever like last week when it was 99.4. My body feels a little stiffer now as well, particularly my lower back and upper legs. Same areas that have been bothering the last few weeks. I'm hopeful that PT helps to stretch these muscles out.

Soccer, injection 3, MS center

Busy week of appointments is at an end. It was replacedby a regular old busy weekend!I visited the MS center at milford hospotal on Thu., it's a new center started by my neurologist, which is nice, I don't have to drive all over to see a physical therapist, occupational therapist, MS nurse and also my neuro herself. Kris and I went in for the visit which lasted about three hours. I'll be going in for physical therapy starting next week to help with muscle stiffness and spasticity. I'm looking forward to this as my legs and lower back are tight and feel different. They are also harder to stretch out lately.My Rebif nurse called during the day on friday to see how the injections were going. Pretty good so far, I seem to get a slight fever about a half-hour later, but it's short.Kristen did my injection in the lower back/butt on the left side. Definitely no injection site reactions so far. I still get nervous for the injection, more so when someone else doesi…