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pharmacies suck

I'm not talking about CVS or Brooks, though they have their issues. I'm talking about specialty pharmacies like the one that is now sending me my Rebif. For some reason my original pharmacy is no longer included in my insurance company's network. Hence, they gave me the number to call the new pharmacy and have them refill my script. As fortune would have it, this has to be done by 11/6 or we'll be charged some sort of nasty price I'm sure.... we received the letter on the 8th.

After a week of calling the pharmacy, their promise to get the prescription filled, and to be in contact with me - no luck. They actually started making excuses about a fax not being signed, or part of it being ineligible. Fine, I can understand that, but don't let it become a full business day's delay, that's unacceptable.

The MS Lifelines program was my savior, after I was unable to get a better delivery date then the next Tuesday (which meant I would miss 2 doses), I called them.…

Another tough morning with spasticity

Muscles feeling really tight and sore this morning, had to take a break from cleaning up the closet and recycling old clothes.

More of my legs were tight and sore this morning. Meaning my quads, hamstrings and calves, not just my hamstrings and partially calves. Going onto the eliptical to work my muscles out a bit and then try a prolonged stretching routine.

My PT has moved on to a private practice, so the upcoming week is my last. I know what I need to do to keep flexibility, just have to stay on top of it.

This past Thu. night soccer game went really well considering how I feel today, perhaps it has something to do with it. I'll have to keep note on how exercise makes me feel the day after, this right now is just a bit too sore and tight to be normal... At my game, it was competitive and the team played pretty well, we lost 7-6 but I managed to find the net 3 or 4 times and played well throughout. I really pushed hard at the end and was exhausted, but it felt good. Unlike t…

broken needle

Nice. First time I've messed up a syringe. I forgot to uncap it from the autoinjector, pressed it up against my stomach - all psyched up and 'Blonk...' Nothing. Part of me seriously thought, 'Oh cool, I couldn't feel a thing.' Then I realized I had screwed it up.

Great, now I can look forward to another try in 30 min (for the liquid to warm up some)!

Well, I will take a short time to note how I'm doing on the Baclofen. So far, no changes to spasticity, though it hasn't been as bad as last week. I also haven't been physically exerting myself at all. Tomorrow I have PT and it will be the first time I've gone on the day after an injection, when I'm usually feeling tighter.

Oh, and the Baclofen has definitely made me grumpy.

spasticity and drugs

Just starting up the Baclofen, so far, no changes, no side effects. I guess that's a good thing, nothing like an unexpected allergic reaction to spice things up.

My legs tighten up as the day goes on, I don't think my computer desk chair is all that great, in fact, I'm sure it isn't. It actually has two big screws that punch through the cloth cover right into the middle of my hamstrings... Time to upgrade shortly. They're tight walking up hills and stairs right now. It's nothing as bad as the fatigue I was feeling this summer, which would prostrate me in just a few minutes. I thought I should try to quantify how they feel now as I'm just starting the Baclofen.

Spasticity in quads and hamstrings - 4

I'll keep track of how things go from here. About to take 5 minutes to do injection #30! Left upper arm, my arms are the most likely to bleed afterwards, just a little blob, nothing major, and usually don't hurt all that much - famous last words!