Thursday, December 20, 2012

to Orthopaedic Surgeon...

My last run was Friday 12/7. Only 3 miles after around a week of taking it easy... On that Sunday the 9th my knee pain prevented me from going 200 yds of my 6.5 mile training run. Ugh. Hopefully only a minor setback though, right?

I tried running again today after two weeks of being free from knee pain and I had to stop - again. This time after a half mile. My knee is clicking, at first I thought it was my shoelace or something - but it definitely is not. It is time to seek professional advice. This is really disheartening and I just turned 40! Salt in the wounds...

Well anyway, as a late birthday present I was able to secure a Dr's appointment with a sports medicine doc, a local orthopedic surgeon tomorrow! Yay! I'm so glad I don't have to wait a month to try to get some answers.

This certainly means I will need more time before running again which is terrible news. But I have to reaffirm to myself that my goal is to run for life, not just to train for Boston in April.

Fingers crossed this is not a major setback...

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Cool training plan technology

It has been killing me lately that I have not reached my goals for weekly mileage, speed training, etc. But, I do have to listen to my body and it is telling me to slow down. Fortunately the cool program at was able to adapt and adjust my training plan to suit where I am right now with my running.

I toned down my weekly mileage from 26 to 16, which is accurate. I turned off the speed work at the track and added an easy run instead of a threshold run each week. Now:

  • Sunday - long run
  • Monday - off
  • Tuesday - pace run
  • Wednesday - cross/swim
  • Thursday - easy run
  • Friday - easy run
  • Saturday - cross

This looks great it is exactly what I needed to preserve my motivation and dynamically modify my routine. I am going to aim for slowly increasing my mileage once again. And, even more important, I am excited again! Instead of a mega speed workout at the track today, which I might have skipped/avoided I now .75 warm up  .75 cool down and an uptempo 3 mile run in between. I think I can handle that!