Monday, December 15, 2014

Winter 2015 Training Plan

I took quite a bit of time to put together my winter training schedule. I've developed a new role with my friends and training partners - that of trainer!

What I have done is developed a plan to slowly boost cardio fitness while focusing on upper body strength. Still my weakness even after some big gains last year.

We're doing stronglifts and Hal Higdon half-marathon training for the next 12 weeks.

WeekStart DateMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdaySunday
(monday)Rest dayGym DayRun Day (mi)Gym DayRun DayGym DayLong Daymileage totals%+Notes
112/1/2014RESTStrength A3Strength B3Strength A410NA
212/8/2014RESTStrength B3Strength A3Strength B4100%
312/15/2014RESTStrength A3Strength B3Strength A51110%
412/22/2014RESTStrength B3.5Strength A3.5Strength B5129%
512/29/2014RESTStrength A3.5Strength B3.5Strength A6138%
61/5/2015RESTStrength B3.5Strength A4Strength B5.212.7-2%1 mile warmup, 5k race, 1 mile cooldown
71/12/2015RESTStrength A4Strength B4Strength A71518%
81/19/2015RESTStrength B4Strength A4Strength A/Blizzard Blast8167%6 during Blizzard Blast + 2 Sunday
91/26/2015RESTStrength A4.5Strength B5Strength A7.416.96%1 mil warmup, 10k race
102/2/2015RESTStrength B4.5Strength A5Strength B918.59%
112/9/2015RESTStrength A5Strength B5Strength A10208%
122/16/2015RESTStrength B4Strength A2Strength B13.219.2-4%half marathon

Where A and B correspond to the two Stronglifts sessions. Everyone is excited about the Stronglifts app and hoping for a really good winter training.

I'm just about to start week 3 and it is really good so far. Some hiccups with a sprained ankle, but I'm staying focused now that it has healed.

2014 Update

Past the halfway point in the year and it is turning into crunch time. I've done a lot of races this year, and my year is definitely backloaded with races. That means there are a ton more races left this year. I need to make sure everything is planned so I'm going to try to list them out.

But first I want to look back at my races since the Blizzard Blast, training, and anything else that comes to mind.

The toughest race of the year was the BoneFrog Challenge. on May 17. 10 miles with 44 obstacles. And you can see, they were not easy obstacles. I was extremely proud to make it through the first few sets of monkey bar style obstacles, and I felt pretty good on the trails for the first half. In the second half though, I started to get a flare up.

EDIT: Closing this thread on 12/15 to start over again. Too many races, too much training and I lost track of posting.