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slowly picking up the pace

I have been back at running for about two weeks now. I am starting slowly, today, I clocked in at 4.01 miles, my longest run since December.

But there is a lot to catch up on, so here goes.

The orthopedic surgeon said that I have some osteo-arthritis in my knees. But didn't think that was the root cause of my knee pain, there is no reason to believe it hasn't been there for a while. They normally form after minor injury recoveries, which is reasonable from a lifetime of soccer with no major knee injuries. He also noted my right patela is out of alignment. Now, there we go, that makes sense. I've always noticed my right arm tends to go out of the path. Not to mention I have felt out of alignment since going to see the chiropractor. Well, great, but how to solve it. I am taking a dual approach. Seeing a Physical Therapist twice a week, for strengthening my balance, some taping and stretching, as well as ultra-sound on my knees. Also I have a running coach at my gym now, he i…