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Spartan Beast 2013 Killington

Sometimes a lot happens between posts. This is one of those times. Here are the highlights:
new MS medicine starting soon - Tecfidera, no more shots!new goal race for the year!new training program and app!FUN new gadgets, shoes, and stuff!! Clearly the most important thing for this blog is my new prescription for Tecfidera - which is one of the new breed of MS drugs which are taken orally and no longer require injections. I've been suffering from shot fatigue for more than year - really ever since stopping Rebif. I was on Avonex for a year, which was a nice change from 3 times/week to once per week injection. However, I had a hard time sticking with it. Which is odd because IM (intra-muscular) shots really hurt a lot less than SC (sub-cutaneous) shots overall. But I couldn't get past the side effects, fever and stiffness. When Tecfidera came out I knew I would switch some day. My neighbor was a marketing director for the drug and had been filling me in on it for years. Efficacy…