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Snowboarding in Vail Day 4

Big Air Day!

Woot, got some air today! This was a fun day, we took it a bit slow as it was our fourth day in a row and Scott was on a board for the first time. But, Dave and I practiced our aerial technique as shown in this picture.

That's about four feet of vertical and I'm grabbing the toe side edge of the board in a maneuver I'm calling, uhm, Frontside Air Supreme.

Dave was getting the hang of it too as you can see in his, uhm, Wicked Ollie.

Snowboarding in Vail

There was a time last summer when I really didn't think that I would be skiing or snowboarding anymore. I couldn't run around a soccer field without toppling over. But this week, I'm boarding on the slopes at Vail.
I had been boarding two (and a half) other times and decided to try it out for the week that I'm out here at Vail. So, I've got my rental board and have been out for three days in a row so far! I'm really excited about how I feel so far, my legs have been burning, cramping and just plain tired, but in a good way! I didn't even feel overly stiff today after my injection last night.
I'm linking my turns together, making progress on becoming an intermediate snowboarder. I have a couple video links from Day 1, and hopefully I'll make some more later this week.

Here are a couple pics of me and my buddies, the first day was nice and sunny, since then it's been snowing all day every day.