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10k wrap-up, blisters and the last month

I finished my first 10k which I am quite proud of! Unfortunately I started out at too fast a clip and bonked after 3 miles :( My plan was to run at nice slow 9:50 pace, what actually happened was quite different! I ran   out at 8:20 pace with the over-enthusiastic crowd and felt good for a few miles on a massively humid 85 degree evening. I bonked at three miles and walked for about a 12 min pace in the middle mile. Then I felt a bit better, but still defeated by the heat. My body was overheating, I had chills down my back - thank you to my MS... I finished up at around 10:20 for the last two miles for a total of 61:00. I am happy with that, I now have run two races recently and gone out too fast and hit the wall. The heat probably doesn't help.

Now, back to my feet. After a month and a lot of bandages and 2nd skin, they are back to normal. I have adapted my barefoot plan to simply incorporate more minimalist running, stretching and foot massage and exercises to increase foot stre…