Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Snowboarding at Mt. Snow

Got out on the slopes again for some late winter/spring skiing and so far the conditions have been absolutely perfect. Here's a shot of Kris on the slope with a nice blue sky in the background.
I was able to hit some bigger jumps this week and I went to the (extensive) trouble of making this video!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Snowboarding again tomorrow

Will be trying to get out again the next two days for more snowboarding. This is a great trip since the condo was free, and there are 9 of us here for the week to ski/board.

From an MS perspective, things continue to go well, the same problems exist that I do not think will go away -- numbness/burning in my toes and occasional bouts of parasthesia in my lower back/back of arms. It's not to the degree that it was BS (Before Solu-medrol) and I only notice it when I think about it.

I am battling spasticity in my legs and back/neck nowadays, but exercise resolves it and stretching pushes it back a bit. At my recent visit to the MS clinic at the hospital the PT advised me to stretch with a routine -- I haven't started yet, I do it when I have time. Her thought and experience indicated that regular stretching routines at the same time each day are far more effective for most people. I'll do my best to follow her suggestions.