Monday, April 21, 2008

After a week without Rebif

Nothing major to report, spent the weekend with the neighbors and their kids. All the kids must be wiped today after spending the entire days Sat. and Sun. (and Fri. evening) playing together.

I don't feel any better or any wors physically after not taking my Rebif for a week. I guess that's a good thing, but I still do miss the routine and hope it doesn't take long to get back into it. After doing yardwork all weekend I was reminded of my inability to do any yardwork last year. If the price to pay for that is thrice-weekly injections... then that's a small price.

Should be coming off the antibiotics towards the end of the week, thenback to injections. The thought process is, that if my fevers start back up again, there may be a problem with the interferon. Otherwise, I just had fevers last week due to a sinus infection. I hope it is the former.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Antibiotics and NO Rebif

I had had a fever since Sat. night and had thought it was due to a reaction to the Rebif. Normally I get a fever if I do not premed with Advil... on my last shot, I did premed late, around 11:30pm, two hours after the shot and as soon as I felt like I was coming down with a fever, I took a couple Advil.

Unfortunately I couldn't get the fever to go away that night, nor the rest of the entire day on Saturday. My fever hit 102.6 on our (high degree of uncertainty) thermometer, and was up and down a bit from there. I struggled through the next night fitfully again, but woke up feeling decent. I noticed some feverish symptoms during the MS Walk on Sunday, but, during the day at least, it was not enough to bother me.

I was worried that the fevers were a reaction to the Rebif, I didn't want to develop a more severe reaction to it; after seven months the whole injection routine is disturbingly comforting. At least it's something I control and I know that I am helping at least slightly. But I still couldn't get the fevers to retreat. Kris called the neuro office and my primary's office and they suggested trying advil/tylenol together. This didn't really work, but late Sunday night I dosed off with my fever slowly going down.

Monday I felt decent in the morning again, but noticed a really sore throat that evening. Previously I had felt no other symptoms that might explain the fever. I made it through the day, even working as normal, but that night, around dinner - the fevers came back, up to about 101.7 again. I decided I had to call in the morning.

Saw my Dr. at 2:30 after feeling lethargic and suddenly completely congested in the nose and sinuses. He said my throat looked red, asked what color my boogies were (bright green) and put me on Amoxycillin. For 10 days.

So, I called my neurologist, who had advised me the day before to skip my Monday night injection, and let her know the results of my Dr. visit. I think she had a laugh that my primary just threw me onto Amoxy without any tests. The important result of that conversation though, is that I'll be off the Rebif completely for ten days while taking the penicillin.

I'm fairly concerned about this, but given the fevers I've had I just want to get better. Part of the reason I am off the Rebif, I think, is to determine if there is indeed an allergic reaction that developed later than usual. After the ten days, if my fever has gone away, when I go back on the Rebif, if fevers come back, then it is likely an allergic reaction.

Well, that's enough info for me to remember all the details, so, wish me luck!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

MS Walk Boston : 2008

This weekend I will be doing the MS Walk with my family in Boston. The event starts out at the Harvard Athletic Center and there are 3 and 5 mile courses. I've joined a team from EMD Serono (they make Rebif) and hopefully there will be fellow MS sufferers who are also taking Rebif on the team, it would be great to share my experiences and hear their's.

We are taking the little munchkin as well, bringing the big jogging stroller in case he get's tired or, more likely, wanderlust.... It should be fun, I'll post a picture next week!

If you would like to contribute in my name, here is a direct link to my page on the National MS Society's web site: