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The bad needle is going back to QA

I spoke with a QA manager at Serono and they asked if I saved my needle that fractured. I did, so I'm sending it back in along with my Rebiject device so they can take it apart and look at it. I've used it twice since the needle broke last week, but sending it in sounds like a good idea.

Battling a sore throat the past week that won't go away, I am hoping it's allergies but I guess I will go see my primary Mon. in case it's Strep or something.

My throat get's worse as the day goes on, and it's the kind of sore throat that feels really swollen when you swallow or yawn - and of course, all I want to do is yawn tonite...

Fun with needles

Actually it wasn't fun, at all.

Although I suppose that after about 100 injections there are bound to be a few that don't go as planned. In this case the integrity of the syringe gave way in the middle of my injector. The result was a big prick on my right upper arm that just caused some bleeding, and absolutely no medicine to be injected.

I kept the needle and will contact my Rebif nurse in the morning, the top part of the needle, where the plunger enters the syringe cracked, causing some sort of jam-up in the auto-injector. I took it apart and there didn't seem to be anything left inside, so I warmed up another needle (takes about an hour) and injected my other arm. I figured my right arm had suffered enough for the day.

Hopefully I've done the right thing. I took a close look at the first needle, and there was definitely no movement of the plunger. In fact the liquid in the syringe looked identical to a syringe after the auto-injector fired on needles that I had …

Back to normal

Which these days means I'm injecting myself three times a week. Fun.

So, no negative effects from the lapse in Rebif while I was on antibiotics, at least that I can feel at this point. I've got a soccer game tonite so that should be a good test of my balance/coordination side, which is the main factor in determining relapses.

Since the last few weeks were full of events related to MS I ended up doing a bit more research, and, as with anything on the internet, ran into a few, possibly disheartening, facts. MS that presents coordination problems has a less optimistic prognosis. And, the further between relapses the better the prognosis. Well, who knows if my initial encounters with parasthesia count, but if so my relapses were at least 2 years apart, possibly less. And I certainly had balance/coordination problems, you just have to read my early blogs about last summer to see what it was like. Whatever, going to push forward!

I started back on injections with two shots to the…