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Trying to get back on the horse

It is taking longer than I thought. I don't know what happened between my great time in the half-marathon and trying to up my mileage to prepare for a marathon. I guess I knew it would be hard, but my body seems to be letting me down.

I have probably tried to move too fast in adding speed work. I am slowing down and trying to run about 75-80% of my planned mileage starting today. Looks like my schedule has a light week this week, so I will follow it and see how I feel for my long run on Sunday. This past Sunday was the first time I've missed doing any miles on Sunday and hopefully represents just a single low point on my road to recovery!

4 miles today, ran in my Newtons. Probably shouldn't have changed my shoes :( my hip flexors were getting sore at the end, but not too bad. My right foot went numb though, felt like I only had a club for a foot. I don't remember that feeling since my first ever 5k a few years ago which I didn't train for at all. Sucked, I had to w…

Week off to recover

Listening to my body, felt all out of whack last week, I was probably running too fast, moving to my new Newtons too fast, running too far, not rested enough... or something. But my body was telling me it didn't feel good so it was really hard but I took a week off!

Also at some point last week I ran out of one of my meds for a couple days. I have since refilled it and one of my trouble spots - sore hips on waking up, is gone. The whole experience left me feeling out of balance, like one foot was striking harder than the other, one hip was more sore, opposite knee was sore... So I started to go to a Chiropractor this week. Couple visits, a nice adjustment to my neck, and going over the X-Rays. I'm not sure I buy this 100% but I am giving it a shot. The X-Rays showed my lumbar spine was twisted, rotated slightly and off center. My cervical spine was straight, none of the expected curve - maybe from too much computer time. And some temperature measuring devices looking for diffe…