One month until the Spartan Beast

I'm starting to get a little nervous, haven't felt this in any of my other races because I knew that I was prepared. I am hoping that I'm perfectly prepared, but I wish I was stronger, could run uphill better and all that! I'm nervous I'll fail some obstacles and just get wiped out doing 30 burpees each time. Especially if they enforce the hardest form of burpee...

My training is going pretty well, I am definitely stronger and if I can lose 5 more pounds before race day I will be in really good shape. Two vacations in the last month have slowed down my progress a little bit. And today I have a corporate league softball semi-final game so I won't be able to get in my planned double session.

Both of the session look extremely challenging. 60 minute trail run with 10/15/25/30/35 reps of curls/shoulder press/squat with a rock from the woods. Followed by what looks like an intense lower bod workout with dumbbells/squats and box jumps.

It's going to be hard, especially the race, but I have a lot of strong motivation that will keep driving me to finish. I joined an OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) team after seeing a lot of them during the MS Muck Ruckus. I'm hoping that will buoy me through the challenging pieces of the uphill Killington climb. I was hoping to do another race or event with people from the team before the race, but with summer vacation, trips, and now coaching soccer again, there was never any time!

Alright, some last few things to take care of for race day:

  1. hydration pack - geigerring 500 - ordered
  2. running shoes with trail grip - not sure! ugh, what am I going to find here after so many failed attempts this summer. my trail gloves have no grip left, and i loved them, perhaps i should just buy a new pair? I think I will end up doing that.
  3. equip all my gear and do some training runs
  4. prep all my stuff and make a plan for race day and family trip up to mt. snow to cut down on the drive a little bit on race morning
  5. anything else!?
Well how about some motivation! These are two shots of the trail on my last couple runs!
Upton State Forest. Old Hopkinton Spring Trail.

Upton State Forest. Middle Rd.


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