Strength training added to running

The theme for the past few weeks has been adding strength training days and even strength training intervals to my runs. The goal remains the same - Killington Spartan Beast. Every bit of preparation will help in that gauntlet.

I've moved to 90% or more of trail running and what a change it has been! Trail running frees my soul from cars as well! Wow, who would have thought it would be so amazing to get off the roads, but it has been. I've also noted that trail running is a bit harder, and some trails are actually MUCH harder.

My nearest loop is the local cross country course here, it is about 2.5 miles, can be run as a 3 mile loop or out and back for 5 miles. Here is an example:

That one is fairly flat and mainly fire roads, some gravel and old roads too. A couple hills in one section, but nothing major. That leads me to a run I consider perhaps my hardest ever - in a different way than the half-marathon was. This was just brutal, add in bugs and the threat of getting lost out there - and it was AWESOME!

I would love to  be able to find a nice consistent 8 mile trail in F. Gilbert Hills State Forest. That day though, a few wrong turns.

So that leads me to two other gear quests that I am now engaged in.

  1. Trail running shoes
  2. Hydration pack

I used my Merrell Trail Gloves in the long run, maybe just regular running shoes on the short one on the flat pond. I love the Trail Gloves, they are my favorite shoe I've ever owned. However they are getting low on tread and have been through the wash a few times making them fit ... differently. I'm nervous to try the Trail Glove 2 for some reason. Mostly because I was not happy with the Road Glove 2 and they have the same basic shape.

I recently bought a pair of Salomon Sense Mantra trail running shoes, they were OK, but tight in the toe-box and I got a blister on my right middle toe. I don't think they fit right. Hopefully with my purchase I can return them. The other shoes I got and haven't tried are Hoka One One Mafate 3 trail shoe. I had the 2 and they didn't fit right.

Planning to try them this afternoon.

Second on the agenda is a hydration pack for the Spartan Beast, and the rest of the summer to get used to it. I am pretty sure I will go with the Geigerrig Rig 500. It has minimal carrying capacity, but a strong, easy to clean bladder and after you inflate it, it sprays - you don't have to suck! Also useful for cleaning scrapes and sharing.

I am starting new medicine soon, when that come in I will post. Tecfidera.


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